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Please provide your personal details in order to contact you in emergency. Some of the information will not be shared to public in order to keep personal identity.


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This information will not be shared to other member but it is important to know before you join. Later if we come to know about such information then we shall terminate you from membership.

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I declare that above all filled information including Police case is true and I will be only responsible and suffer if found incorrect information filled by me.

I am aware that my participation in Paranormal investigation/Spiritual training involves a certain amount of inherent risks, dangers and hazards that can result in serious personal injury or maybe even death.

I hereby freely agree to assume and accept all responsibility over myself and my personal property while volunteering my time and services to the Indian Spiritual Society.

I acknowledge that risks of Paranormal investigation/Spiritual training can be greatly reduced by abiding by the standards and protocols set forth by the Indian Spiritual Society and using common sense and assume that risk and I will follow all rules and regulation of Indian Spiritual Society.

I hereby freely release, waive and hold harmless anyone involved with the event from any liability claims related to personal injuries sustained while during the event or on the property that the event takes place on.

I also ensure that all above information filled by me is correct as per my knowledge and Indian Spiritual Society can take any decision about my membership If found anything wrong.

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