Sabdaitavada – the vaidik knowledge of absolute sound, describes the sublime power of the omnipresent sound (Sabda) as an eternal, limitless whole and the sole creator of the universe. Sound is regarded here as the basic source of energy and motion existing in the universe. The existence of the material world is said to have originated from the cosmic impulse, the infinite bang of Sabda. [The big-bang theory of the modern science agrees with this conclusion of the risis (Sage) ]. The non-existence or absolute end of the world at the ultimate time – the other ‘end’ of the universal cycle – is also described to be a consequence of similar supersonic explosion. On the subliminal front, the existence of enormous activities of the mind is said to have been realized through the eternal medium of sound.

In our day-today life, we generally come across with two type of sound – vyakta (audible) and avyakta (non-audible). These are defined as jalp and antarjalap in the Jain scriptures. The spoken words fall under the first category scriptures and those expressed silently (e.g. while thinking….) or through the language of mind are examples of the latter. Acoustic theories of modern physics have characterized these categories in terms of frequencies of the involved hard sound. The manifestation of the vyakta and avyakta are relative in the physical world. The ultra and supersonic forms are avyakta to our ears, which can normally sense a sound only in the frequency-range of 20 to 20000 vibrations per sec. Similarly, the loud noise of a busy road would be non-audible to a person who is sitting in a closed house away from the road…. These examples clearly illustrate that the avyakta sound also exisits in the same ‘reality’ as the vyakta one.

Our cosmos consists of the sound waves in all frequency ranges – beyond the grasp of our audio sensors and even beyond the limits of our imagination… Each impulse of infinite activities of Nature indwells in the cosmos in the form of subliminal vibrations (of Sabda) before its physical manifestation in the space and time. Many animals in the world are well – equipped to perceive such subtle sounds in some range. Several varieties of birds and animals are therefore able to sense the future events, especially, many of the natural calamities of tremor etc that are impossible to be recognized by humans. Often this ‘superhuman’ potential of animals and birds beats the sophisticated sensors of advanced instruments.

The sonic vibrations of each spoken or mentally thought syllable exist in the universe forever. Some frontline researchers of the modern science of sound hope that further advancement of science and technology would one day enable recording the voices (of the sages of yore) in the omnipresent ‘ocean’ of ether.

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