The knowledge of Sabda Brahm - Nada Brahma is an important vedic branch of Indian Spiritual Society. The science and philosophy of Sabda encompasses the methodology and effects of mantra-japa, prayers, collective chanting and sadhanas of the Veda-mantras and that of the Nada Brahm deals with the origin, expansion and influence of music. Indian Spiritual Society presents truly rare and detailed information and guidance on this topic and focuses on the cosmic dimensions of sound and the spiritual science of mantras.

Different methods of rhythmic enunciation (japa) and spiritual practices (sadhanas) of Vedic mantras are described here with adept guidance. The Indian Spiritual Society focuses on mantra yoga as an effective endeavor to master the generation and utilization, without any external means or instruments, of the immense power of sound for specific noble purpose. Although the Vedic mantras could be well expressed vocally as prose or verse, the method of singing them is specific rhythms as hymns was given principal importance by the risis (Sage). Hence the unique spectrum of Vedic swaras and the series of musical notes of chanting patterns for mantras were evolved and encoded in the Sama Veda.

The Sama Veda contains divine knowledge of the miraculous spiritual flow of music that can effective a vivid connection of the individual ‘self’ with thy-self. There is a crucial role of the Veda in the present status of sama veda in the context of the difficulties faced today in identifying the best chanting patterns for the Vedic Mantras.

The Sadhanas of mantra yoga together with nada yoga are integral parts of the spiritual experiments on awakening of the Kundalini and realization of the Brahm through Omkar. These topics too are covered in following articles showing acute mental practical sense in scientific light. The paramount role of vak (absolutely refined voice) in mantra yoga is emphasized with necessary guidance. The following articles describes the four successively subtler levels of human voice (vant) and presents the methods, for the control and refinement of the vant and mental faculties, which can be practiced by everybody in day to day life. These sadhanas gradually lead to the spiritual elevating of the vani up to the supreme level – the vak.

Further our articles will illustrates – how the hidden spiritual powers of a mantra are activated by japa through such spirituality empowered voice and how the materialization of the blessings and curses also become possible because of the power of vak. Authentic examples and scientific evidences of the modern times are presented in following articles with relevant excerpts from the scriptures to support and explain the enormous potentials of refined vant.

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