Spirituality with Mantras

The word "mantra" is Sanskrit implies a specific structure of Sonic Patterns - coded is syllables and vowels, that works as a spiritual tool to liberate the mind from ignorance, illusion and evil instincts. The specific configurations of syllables and the corresponding combination of sounds in the mantra make the latter powerful 'carriers' of cosmic energy of sound. The Indian Spiritual Society presents an introduction with analysis of multiple aspects of the physical and consciousness impact of sound and the structure of mantras. It also highlights authentic reports on scientific experiments in this direction.

The Vedic scriptures on the origin of the universe mention that the absolute existence of the Brahm is expressed and realized in the sublime vibration of Sabda and Nada. The anahat swar (the evolutionary impulse of cosmic sound) induced by these vibrations is said to be the generator of perpetual energy in the universe. Sabda – the omnipresent eternal origin of sound and Nada – the eternal element of the self-existent cosmic impulse of music, immanent in the subliminal as well as the perceivable in infinity are referred in the ancient literature as Sadba Brahm and Nada Brahm.

"The Mantra" Spiritual Science, developed by the risis (Sage) had endowed them with an exceptional faculty of communication across the universe. This power was indeed super-normal as compared to the capabilities of the modern inventions like radio, television and radar…., etc

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Vedic knowledge is encoded in the form of mantras and chandas (hymns). Every mantra and chanda has its significant importance. The Gayatri Mantra is honored as preeminent in the science of spirituality and the mantra spiritual science. This ADI (absolute origin) mantra is a compilation of nine special words (in ancient Sanskrit) formed by twenty four syllables. The japa of this mantra creates rhythmic pressure on the nerves and also titillates the extrasensory energy center (the six cakras) and subtle nerve-bundles (upatyikas) that generate soothing effects in the sadhaka’s body and mind and also affect his deep inner self.

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