The Tarot is a spiritual tool of illumination and sacred instruction.  An opening prayer asks the energy of your Higher Self to speak to you through the healing messages of your reading, revealing the inner truth of any situation or area of your life. Readings serve to show you the outcome of different paths and choices, illuminating the root cause of everything occurring within your present moment.

During your session, spiritual and clairvoyant messages are shared and all areas of your life can be explored. You chose what area you would like to expand into and explore. A true spiritual reading or healing session empowers you to take control of your destiny and life situations by showing what needs to change, be released, healed and transformed. All realities and outcomes can be explored from the power of the present moment.

If you define religion as the spiritual or emotional attitude of someone who recognizes the existence of a superhuman power or powers, as well as the bond between humanity and divinity, the tarot is a religion. If you define religion asa particular system, the tarot isn't a religion. The tarot is a symbol code that depicts universal and natural laws and principles that are shared by all the world's great religio-spiritual traditions.

The purpose of a tarot reading is to help you see your past and present thoughts, words, and behaviors more objectively. This sort of understanding can make you more aware of the potential results of your present thoughts, words, and behaviors. Remember that what you think, say, and do today helps to create tomorrow.

One of the tarot's main objectives is to do no harm. Putting a curse on your enemy actually puts a curse on you. Trying to force someone into a relationship against his or her will eventually backfires. Watch your motivation. What goes around, comes around!

The belief that the tarot is "for fortune-telling only" has reinforced the attitude that the tarot has no practical use. Knowledge is useless unless it's applied. The tarot is designed to be lived! Thousands of people have been able to live happier, healthier, and more satisfying lives by living the tarot's principles (or taking the tarot's teachings out of the world of intellectual concepts and into the world of the practical application).

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