Spiritual Psychics are people who have the ability to remove bad karma, negative vibrations and communicate with the afterlife.  Well, they certainly perform these tasks; however, they’re more than what most of us think, or assume. These talented individuals also work like conventional guidance counselors or emotional therapists, because they teach us how identify the negative influences which may hinder or obstruct us from achieving our full potentials.

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Spiritual healing is a complementary therapy, not an alternative therapy. This means that it is meant to be used in addition to appropriate conventional medical help, not instead of it. When you are unwell, you need to get assistance from the doctor. If you receive Spiritual Healing, this will complement your treatment, the two will work together to assist in your recovery.

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Spiritual Hypnosis assists us to tap into the wisdom within us. It is about accessing information about our self which is known on a soul level. In this deep state of hypnosis information about why you are here, what your purpose is for living this life, why you chose the body you have etc. can be accessed. It works on the belief that there is an eternal self (your soul) which has had many incarnations before this one.

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Being Spiritual and being Religious are both part of being in relationship with God. Neither can be fully realised without the other. Religion without spirituality becomes a dry list of dogmatic statements divorced from the life of the spirit. Spirituality without religion can become a self-centred complacency divorced from the wisdom of a community.

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