This absolute mantra is said to have been realized through the cosmic vibration of the eternal, sublime forces of the omnipresent supreme consciousness (Brahma). This mahamantra is referred as the divine mother of all the Vedas and hence of all branches of knowledge. It is also recognized as the smallest of all religious scriptures and volumes of ultimate knowledge…. Because of its unique potential of inspiring the individual consciousness to link with the supreme consciousness, the Gayatri Mahamantra is indeed the most powerful and astonishing creation of Sabda.

The symbolic depiction in the ancient Indian literature about…. “The seven horses of lord Sun gaining energy from the vibrations in mahadakas (the cosmic dimensions)….”… implies the generation of seven natural notes of music by the ‘explosion’ (from quintessential to perceivable state of existence) of the anahat nada. This cosmic expression of Sabda Brahm – Nada Brahm is described as the origin of the evolutionary impulse that resulted in the gross (perceivable) and sublime existence of the ever-evolving Nature and the ever-expanding Universe….. This evolutionary afflatus is also described in the rhetoric presentation of these scriptures as – the cosmic force generated by the commingling of the Prakrati and Purusa.

The sublime vibration of the eternal sound of the self-existent absolute syllable “Aum” (?) indwells everywhere in the cosmic expansion. The self-generation of its rhythmic impulse (Omkar) – the ‘big bang’, had generated the infinite spectrum of the sublime and the gross reflections of Sabda and consequently effectuated the existence and manifestation of the electromagnetic waves and the basic physical energies of sound, heat and light. The spiritual sadhanas and the Nada-Yoga lead to the realization of omkar and hence to the unfolding of the secrets of Nature and deciphering of the hidden movements of time (past and future events)…..

During the initial stages of Nada-Yoga one has to meditate upon the internal ‘sound’ perceived through closed ears while sitting in an externally silent surrounding. Long term dedicated practices of this method results in the experiences of a variety of ‘otherwise’ non-existent sound ranging for instance, from that of a whistle or flute to a buzzer or a big-gong; tinkling of a beetle, peeling of bells, to the noise of the thunder bolts….. An unperturbed subliminal humming sound (of “Omkar”) is experienced in the depths of the inner self in the completion phase of this yoga sadhanas. The attainment of this ultimate state of deep trance in Nada-Yoga corresponds to absolute harmony and engrossment of the mind and the soul with the cosmic echo of AUM (?)….

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