Mantra Spiritual Science is the science of the transcendent as well as the cosmic power of sound. The specific configuration of the syllable compiled in the mantras makes them important in terms of associated sonic effect. The enunciation of a Vedic mantra in a specific composition of accent, pitch, intensity, amplitude and rhythm results in its expansion (at a pace faster than the laser beams) in the endless domain of physical energy waves and consciousness. Because of the unique property of sound to traverse (via the electro-magnetic waves) anywhere in the space, the collective chanting of Vedic mantras can induce cosmic impact.

Significant scientific research on the demonstration and the measurement of sonic energy has been carried out in the modern age of advanced technology. This includes pioneering research in the area of ultrasonic in the USA and Germany. The application of ultrasonic and infrasonic technology range from strategic weapons to biomedical instruments, from brainwashing to sound therapy and from telecommunications to remote control of the spacecraft’s……

Having realized that the energy generated by the decomposition – through japa of a mantra – of the cosmic sound (Sabda) would be of exponential magnitude as compared to that of the atomic energy, some pioneering scientists have also begun an in-depth study of mantra spiritual science … However, the researchers of this field must note that, it is the sublime effect of the mantras on the consciousness, which is more important than the gross (physical) sonic effect. Studies in this direction should therefore pay greater attention on the direction should therefore pay greater attention on the possibilities of spiritual enlighment of all conscious beings with the help of mantra spiritual science.

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